Soul Realignment (SR) Session

Soul Realignment is a powerful healing and transformational modality that combines spirituality, intuitive insight, and energy healing techniques. It enables individuals to gain a comprehensive understanding of their soul’s unique characteristics, divine gifts, and specific life challenges.

At its core, Soul Realignment recognizes that our souls consist of intricate multidimensional aspects. It explores the Akashic Records, an energetic database that stores information about our past, present, and potential future lives. By analysing these records, Soul Realignment provides deep insights into the soul’s journey, uncovering the root causes of any current life imbalances or challenges.

Soul Realignment provides a pathway for individuals to delve into the depths of their souls, gaining clarity, healing, and alignment with their divine essence. By understanding the soul’s unique blueprint and clearing energetic blockages, one can experience a profound transformation that positively impacts all aspects of life. 


1. Awareness and Self-Discovery: Soul Realignment guides individuals towards self-awareness, enabling a profound understanding of their soul’s purpose and unique qualities. Through this process, one can embrace their inherent gifts and talents, bringing about a greater sense of fulfilment and alignment.

2. Clearing Energetic Blockages: Negative patterns, karmic imprints, and limiting beliefs accumulated over lifetimes can hinder personal growth and wellbeing. Soul Realignment identifies these energetic blockages and offers effective tools to clear them, facilitating personal healing and transformation.

3. Empowerment and Alignment: By gaining clarity about one’s soul design and purpose, individuals can align their choices, actions, and intentions with their authentic selves. This alignment empowers them to make conscious decisions that are in harmony with their soul’s essence, leading to increased peace, joy, and fulfilment.


1. Akashic Record Reading: The certified Soul Realignment practitioner accesses the Akashic Records on behalf of the individual. The practitioner utilises the framework of the modality to retrieve relevant information about the individual’s soul, including past experiences, soul gifts, and karmic patterns.

2. Identification of Energetic Distortions: The practitioner identifies any energetic distortions or negative influences that are affecting the individual’s present life experiences. These can manifest as repeating patterns, relationship problems, health issues, or limited abundance.

3. Healing and Clearing: Once the root causes are identified, the practitioner guides the individual through energetic healing techniques to release negative attachments, resolve karmic imbalances, and clear blockages. This process allows the individual to restore energetic balance and regain their natural state of alignment.

4. Integration and Transformation: Following the clearing process, the individual is equipped with knowledge and tools to integrate their newfound alignment into their daily life. 


Additional experiences

Property Realignment Session is an energetic clearing of the property that an individual energetically owns i.e., a property that the individual has a financial responsibility of including payment of rent.

Relationship Reading Session looks at the energetic blocks and restrictions that may be negatively affecting an individual in the area of relationships.  It offers insight and perspectives on how a relationship can help an individual align to their Divine self-expression. This is not limited to romantic relationships and partnerships. It can be done for parent/ child, siblings, business partners, and close friends as well.

Soul Specialisation Session focus on identifying the individual soul’s unique abilities and strengths. These sessions can help the individual understand their soul’s purpose and how they can align their life to fulfil this purpose.

Life Situation Session provides insights into the individual’s current life situations. These readings can help the individual understand the spiritual aspects of their current circumstances and guide them towards making decisions that are in alignment with their soul’s purpose.

Life Lesson Session provides insights into the lessons that the individual’s soul is here to learn in this lifetime. Understanding these lessons can provide clarity on the challenges the individual faces and guides them towards personal growth and spiritual development.

Spirit Guide Profile session introduces the individual to their spirit guides. The individual will learn about their characteristics, their role in the individual’s life, and how you can connect with them for guidance and support.

Spirit Guide Coaching session, the practitioner provides coaching on how to communicate with the individual’s spirit guides. These sessions can empower the individual to establish a deeper connection with their guides and leverage their guidance in your daily life.

  • Your business is an energetic entity. A reading and clearing work for your business can assist you:
  • Know exactly what marketing strategies, sales processes and business systems will align to the greatest available financial flow.
  • Uncover blocks and restrictions within the anatomy of the business that are hindering the flow of money, new customers, or repeat business.
  • Discover what can be shifted within the areas of marketing, sales, products, services, and business systems in order to create more financial abundance.
  • Evaluate new projects or services for their financial abundance potential before they are launched.
  • Energetically transmute difficult business relationships that are creating energetic misalignments to financial abundance.


What people say about their experience ...

Sandra has skilfully helped me identify business obstacles and energetic blocks, empowering me to release them and move forward with greater confidence and alignment.” D & S Sangha – Sydney, Australia

“I found the experience very moving and did not realise how much my past had affected me.” Emiliya T – Melbourne, Australia

“The reading was accurate, in-depth, and very beneficial to my inner peace. I immediately felt a sense of calmness.” Shirley S – Sydney, Australia

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