Empowered & transformed - QHHT

Although I was initially hesitant about trying QHHT, my experience with Sandra was nothing short of positive, calming, and truly amazing. I felt completely at ease and safe.

Thanks to Sandra’s guidance, I have gained a better understanding of my own thoughts and emotions, and feel more empowered to manage them effectively. The experience has truly transformed my outlook on life and my own sense of self.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sandra as she has her client‘s best interests at heart.

Shabnam K – Sydney, Australia
Profound & calm - QHHT

I had been looking for a session in QHHT for years in Sydney. I have had experience in the past with hypnotherapy but my first session of QHHT with Sandra was on another level. It didn’t feel like a clinical session. She takes time to listen to your inner voice, what you want to say, she will match your frequency. I felt warmth and healing as her energy embraced all my issues. 

The experience was profound and calm. At the end of the QHHT session, I found the answers that I have been looking for in this time of reality, to live more efficiently, with less pain and suffering through knowing who you really are. She clearly showed me that the answer was already within.

It was the right time for me to meet Sandra as I was embarking on the journey of re-knowing myself. Her card is just perfect for “Re-righting Life Stories” given that I am re-writing my life history now. She is a teacher and a healer for the people who need her guidance. And we all need our teacher, healer, and guide to live this life the way it is supposed to live, not to make ourselves trapped in the memories. 

Gumrang Y – Sydney, Australia
Free & at peace - QHHT

I am very sceptical of therapy sessions however going through my first-ever QHHT session has done me wonders.

The QHHT experience with Sandra was wonderful and heaven-sent. For years I always wondered what it would be like but was too scared to seek this help.  Sandra was very calm, patient, softly spoken, and full of energy.

I did not know the depth of my grief that I had held on to it for so many years. The experience was like no other with the gentle words whispered by Sandra, all the hurt and grief came full circle.  Today, I’m free, my heart is singing (again) and most of all I am at peace. I have found inner peace and joy and have reconnected with the trusted ONE after 16 years.

Sandra the healer, coach, and teacher all in one! Re-righting my life story has begun. A heartfelt thanks to Sandra and grateful for the new beginning.

Robina B – Sydney, Australia
A peaceful state of bliss - QHHT

I was referred to Sandra by my daughter-in-law who had been researching for us both for the perfect person for us to have a Quantum Healing session.

My expectations just meeting Sandra before our session were totally fulfilled. What a beautiful soul, felt like we had met before and the energy between us was very magical. Sandra is a professional at her craft.

Going into the hypnotic state was a peaceful state of bliss. So many images, sensations and so emotional, the tears rolling down my cheeks.

Sandra guided me from many many past lives. She was so gentle and her voice so angelic, I felt like I was floating in and out of heaven. Having my session has revealed and answered a lot of my life’s questions. I felt so much healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

If you are looking for a beautiful experience, I would highly recommend Sandra. I cannot wait to book my next session and just to spend some quality time with her.

Carolyn B – Sydney, Australia
Dive deeper - Soul Realignment Session

I approached Sandra as I wanted to get clarification on some past traumas that could have been affecting my physical body at this present time. Sandra went into great detail with my Soul Realignment session.

Sandra spoke about past relevant history that no one except I had known, and it was amazing to see it come forward in the session. I really loved how Sandra would pause and allow me to fully understand in detail every aspect of my Soul Realignment session, making it very clear.

I found the experience very moving and did not realise how much my past had affected me. I would recommend Sandra to anyone who wants to dive deeper into understanding their soul and how previous lives can affect them now. 

Emiliya T - Melbourne, Australia
Accurate & in-depth - Soul Realignment Session

The Soul Realignment session was fantastic.

The reading was accurate, in-depth, and very beneficial to my inner peace. I immediately felt a sense of calmness.

Sandra made me feel safe and comfortable throughout the session and created a space for me to raise all my questions.

Thank you for providing me with this insight and support. I thoroughly enjoyed the reading. 

Shirley S - Sydney, Australia
Exponential internal growth - Coaching

In just a few short months of working with Sandra, I have experienced what I can only describe as exponential internal growth.

Sandra’s unique insight and attention to the not-so-obvious lend to her overall spirit and excellence as a life coach. I am blessed our paths have crossed. She is indeed exceptional. My experience with Sandra was huge gain.

I was able to easily identify the areas I wanted to work on and incorporate strategies to feel empowered and move forward. Thanks also for not letting me off the hook until I reached my goals. 

Sijay S - Seatle, USA
Truly Transformative - QHHT

Sandra’s QHHT session was truly transformative. Her guidance and expertise allowed me to delve deep into my subconscious, unveiling answers to questions that had long eluded me.  Through her skilled facilitation, I not only gained clarity but also experienced profound states of love and peacefulness. Sandra’s compassionate approach and dedication to her practice created a safe and nurturing environment, making the entire experience enriching and empowering.

I am immensely grateful for the insights and profound healing I received during our session. Thank you, Sandra, for your remarkable work and the positive impact you’ve had on my journey.

Gurinder S, Sydney, Australia
A healing experience - QHHT & Coaching

The QHHT session I had with Sandra was little bit different than what I expected but it was the exact one that I needed to heal. At first it felt like a general chat but then I saw so much love for me through her eyes, her voice, her words and gestures, and I felt energy flowing through me and I started talking about so many things that I was not even aware myself of the fact that I was holding so much trauma or importance of those past events/situations or my current life. 

I felt it was not me, but my higher self was talking to her about my traumas, my wishes and life overall. I genuinely felt so much love and care from her and she made me feel safe and comfortable to share everything that was coming to mind, and I was healed. I now feel more confident, loved and free from worries. She came as the help that I was seeking for so long I feel.

During the following session, Sandra gave me valuable suggestions for the next upgrade of my life and also gave me insights about myself that I had to hear to improve my life. She also provided guidance to improve my communication with my higher self and to improve my intuitions.

Thank you very much Sandra for everything you did for me. I highly recommend her for anyone who need any help with healing, improving their lives. I can’t wait to have more sessions with her.

Namvi C - Sydney, Australia
Enlightening & Transformative - Business / Financial Abundance

Working with Sandra has been an enlightening and transformative experience. Her profound ability to access the Akashic Records and interpret the information within has provided me with invaluable insights and clarity on various aspects of my business and life journey.

From the moment I engaged with Sandra, I felt a sense of warmth, understanding, and trust. She created a safe and nurturing space for exploration, allowing me to delve into deeper layers of my everyday business and its purpose. Through her guidance and intuitive wisdom, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of past experience, patterns, and obstacles that have influenced my present reality.

Sandra has skilfully helped me identify business obstacles and energetic blocks, empowering me to release them and move forward with greater confidence and alignment. 

Each session with Sandra has been a profound journey of self-discovery and healing. Her compassionate and non-judgmental approach, coupled with her deep connection to the Akashic Records, has facilitated profound shifts in my business perspective and life path.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sandra to anyone seeking profound insights, healing, and guidance on their spiritual journey. Sandra’s gift of accessing the Akashic Records is truly remarkable, and I am immensely grateful for the profound impact she had on my business and life.

D Sangha - Sydney, Australia
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